Cranky.fish is a production company and consultancy based in Richmond, Victoria.

We are professional storytellers who create content and advise on development, production and the business of screen content. 

The stories we invest in are ones that we believe deserve to be told. We’re drawn to smart and insightful stories that speak the truth and have say something about… well, something. 

Our content is crafted to have substance, longevity and reach. Our consultancy is designed to provide our partners with a return on investment.

We value efficiency, talent, communication and we respect budgets, time (yours & ours) and deadlines.

Our methods are informed by research, expert craftsmanship and years of experience.

Executive Producer / Director - Jonathon Dutton
Account / Content Manager - Danny May

Please click on the videos below to see Jono's responses to a few of our favourite frequently asked questions.